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Join a group of over 500 Canadian clubs across the country, as well as professional event secretaries already using our software. We have been the go-to software since 2005. By using our software they are able to maintain records, set limits, run reports, and more. DogShow.ca gives your organization the tools you need in order to provide better service and carry out your mission with ease. And, since it's free for event secretaries and clubs, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try. Try it today to see what the bark is all about!

"DogShow.ca is a complete event secretary support system used by professional event secretaries, individual all-breed and specialty clubs all across Canada."

System Overview

Receiving all of your entries is simple with DogShow.ca - we have purposely made it that way!

Our system works with ease!

DogShow.ca has been designed with your needs in mind. From input to final reporting, you can gather information as needed every step of the way.


Our system makes keeping counts effortless.

Ribbon Counts

We keep track of ribbons, making your job easier.

Merchandise Reporting

Sell and report on any type of merchandise.

Results App

The simplest way to enter results quickly at the event (offline or online).


Swiftly create both unmarked and marked catalogues

Email Receipts

Registrants will appreciate the efficiency.

Financial Reporting

Record keeping is smoother and even more accurate!

End of Event Reporting

We take away any stress related with registering body reporting.

Scoresheet Labels

Just print and place on the judges' sheets.

Judges' Sheets

We print your judges' sheets.


We provide full-colour armbands.

Receiving Entries

DogShow.ca handles every aspect of your planning, preparation, and follow-through. We make it easy for you to submit entries, complete validations, maintain accurate registration counts, and more. Our system was designed with your event in mind and can make every aspect of it smoother!

Entry Options


Exhibitors can place their entries online using a PC, tablet or their mobile phone. A 10% service charge is charged to the exhibitors.

By Paper

Key in any paper entries you receive that are paid with cash or cheque. There is no service charge for these entries!

DogShow.ca completes a number of validations for you to ensure an entry is valid, all while the exhibitor is still placing the entry online!

Pre-Verify To Ensure Rules & Regulations Are Met
A few items that DogShow.ca automatically verifies for you:

  • Registration numbers are formatted correctly
  • Minimum and maximum age and sex requirements
  • Correct class fees are calculated

Verify Show or Trial Limits
If a show or trial is full, we let the exhibitor know it's full by showing 'FULL' for that show or trial. Exhibitors are still welcome to enter into any show or trial that still has space. You can easily set limits by dog count, runs or by judge time

Pre-Authorize Credit or Debit Card

Credit and Debit cards are pre-authorized and charged immediately as part of the entry process. An entry is not permitted if the card number is invalid or declined.

The secretary always has complete control of their event. You can view entries as they come in, choose when to approve an entry, make corrections to it, or even reject it and send it back to the exhibitor for corrections to be made first.


Some events need to have limits, and traditionally people have had a difficult time keeping track of when they had reached them. That's where DogShow.ca comes in. With our software you will never go over your limits again! We have created

the perfect combination of a system that makes it easy to add entries, but will let you know when you have reached or are getting close to your set limit. No more guessing and hoping your count is accurate.

We've got you covered there, too!
Merchandise Reporting

Dogshow.ca will also assist you with the sale of merchandise for your shows. You will be able to set up your type of merchandise, including such items as benching, RV parking, commercial booths, and catalogues, and easily monitor the inventory of the products, and set limits on them. This way when they are sold out they will automatically show as being so, saving you time from having to keep track yourself. When it comes to your merchandise our software is easy enough to set up, monitor, and rely upon!

Boost your sales when you have the right tools.

Results App

Catalogues & Marked Catalogues

Need a catalogue for your next event? No problem! Our software will help you every step of the way. It's as easy as:

  • Choose the format and style of the catalogue.
  • Add the official registering body content.
  • You are all set.

We make it that simple for you to have a professional-looking catalogue that is perfectly formatted in Microsoft Word®

Email Receipts

Financial Reporting

Effortlessly provide the club with a financial summary and show which event categories brought in the most revenue. Did that early bird date have the desired effect? How many entries came in on the closing day? Answer these questions by seeing a timeline graph of when exactly entries were received.

Back up the financial summary you provided the club with the raw details! Our comprehensive accounting report can be exported to Microsoft Excel, making all treasurers smile! Every dollar in and out is tracked in meticulous detail, with full audit history available to show who made the transaction, and when they made it.

End of Event Reporting

Generate all required registering body paperwork, right from the system.

You've already seen how the system generates a fully marked catalogue for you. Well, it also helps with the other registering body reporting requirements as well.

All entries in the system can be printed as easy-to-read standard page entry sized forms.

Supported Registering Bodies

Not listed? Contact us for and we'll work with you to customize our system at no charge!

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